Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Episode 8: The Preacher and the Comic Fan

Greetings constant listeners. Sorry for the delay in posting this episodes blog for Head Speaks... I'm sure neither of my listeners were too worried.  8)

Anywho.... Welcome back to Head Speaks and to my 8th episode entitled The Preacher and The Comic Fan.

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But for the 8th great episode of Head Speaks....

First in At The Movies With Head, I talk briefly about my buddy Gene Hendricks podcast The Hammer Strikes: Legends of the Superheroes.... in an upcoming episode, me and Gene spend about 45 minutes to an hour talking about 1994's The Crow.
I have a couple of small clips from the upcoming show... Look for The Hammer Strikes on iTunes... Not just for my appearance, you should listen to this on the regular as it's a GREAT podcast that I enjoy.

Then in Head's Longbox, I talk about the first issue of DC Comics/Vertigo's Preacher comic from 1995.
Briefly Preacher tells the story of a preacher (name Jesse Custer) that is imbedded by a "creature" called Genesis.  Genesis is the offspring of an angle and a demon that procreated (aka did the Angel/Demon Horizontal Tango).
Having Genesis as a part of him, gives Jesse The Voice of God.  What he says, people do...
Him and his companions (a female "assassin" and an Irish vampire) are looking for God who has got the Hell outta Heaven and is on the lam.  They are attempting to find him, to make him take responsibility for his actions.

Great series.  It's been reprinted in 9 TPBs.
If you get a chance, check it out... and listen to this episode for a recap of the first issue.

And finally in Geekin' With Head, I talk about comic book changes and the Long Time Fan vs the Newbie.... Take a listen and see what I think.

And this weeks end song is A Children's Story by Slick Rick....  A great jam from long ago... check it out.

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