Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Episode 4 - The Flash and Racism

Once again, my Headcast is a little late (getting to be a pattern with me).

But, finally... here it is.... a double length extravaganza.

Episode 4 - The Flash and Racism

This week I bring out intros for each segment and introduce a new segment:

The new segment is A Little Head.  This segment will explore Brother Head and get more of his backstory.

This episode we learn where the name Brother Head comes from and the Reader's Digest version of Head's life. All the way from his birth back on Dec 24, 1969 to the announcement of his son's conception in 2014.

In Bitches, Moans, and Gripes, we look at Racism.
Head makes his feelings known on racism and how everyone can be a racist.
He talks about racism in old cartoons and celebrities in black face and white face.
He also uses the ... n word.... (yes, he says nigga/nigger depending on "accent").

What's in Head's Long Box?
This episode Head talks briefly about DC Comics, New 52 Future's End.
I then review New Teen Titans Annual 2 and Vigilante 1.
New Teen Titans introduces us to Adrian Chase... aka The Vigilante.

The two pictures that I mention in the episode:
New Teen Titans Annual 2, page 39. I love the superimposed image of the Vigilante over the panels.

Splash page of Vigilante number 1 (I want this as a poster).

Geekin' With Head:
The Rock is confirmed to be Black Adam in upcoming Shazam movie.
Flash television casting announcement
2 comics in talks with CBS/TNT for new live action shows.

At The Movies With Head, we look at the pilot episode of The Flash.
I give a summary of the episode and review it.  I also give my thoughts and criticisms on it.

Where's Head Going?  http://comicbook.com

This episode's closing song is The Racist by Boogie Down Productions.

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