Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Episode 28: The Sword of the Atom 4 plus The Fold

Welcome back true believers....

Sorry for the delay, I'm working on getting caught up with my podcasts... but here is the Episode 28: The Sword of the Atom 4 plus The Fold

First up on Head's Bookself, I take a brief look at The Fold by Peter Cline.

The Fold tells the story about a man named Mike Erikson who has been asked by a friend to look at a door in California that allows travel thousands of mile in a single step.  According to the scientists, it works perfectly, but if so, why are they hesitant to unveil it and how it works?  That is what Mike is looking in to.

Then on "What's In Head's Longbox?", we're going to continue taking a look at The Sword of the Atom, with issue 4 the final issue.

Sword of the Atom 4
Cover Date: December 1983
On Sale Date: September 29, 1983
Cover Price: $0.75
Title: "Look Homeward, Atom"

Writer: Jan Strnad
Artist: Gil Kane
Letterer: John Costanza
Colorist: Thomas J. Ziuko
Editor: Dick Giordano
Cover Credits Artist: Gil Kane
Reprinted In:
Sword of the Atom TPB (2007)

Question for you guys... do you like it when I put a recap of the issue on here, or do you prefer just the credits?  Let me know at

Then on "Where is Head Going?", I talk briefly about another podcast I listen to.  Tell Em Steve Dave.  This is put on by a couple of friends of Kevin Smith and Q from Impractical Jokers.  Caution, this podcast is NOT family friendly, but a good listen, nonetheless.

Plus we have Head's Mailbag....

Finally, our final song is "Hickey's on my neck " by Audio Two.

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