Friday, December 25, 2015


I want to wish all of my listeners, a very, Merry Christmas.

In honor of the holiday, I present a special episode of Head Speaks... My first annual (hopefully) Christmas special:  Holy Shit, It's Christmas!

Warning, not all of the songs are meant for the ears of the younger listeners.  So I guess this is your Parental Advisory.

A little background (that I mention on the show).  Many years ago, I worked an Internet Provider doing technical support (we supported about 50 companies at one time).  In 2002, for Christmas, I decided to put together a Christmas CD.  So I searched the internet (we'll leave out the details of how at this point) and found a bunch of funny and/or offensive Christmas songs.  I took about 20 of them (or so), threw them on a CD and gave them out to friends at work.  A gal I worked with (who one day down the road  I'd romance and end up marrying) created some album art for me (I think that was the year it had me flipping the camera off, with a Santa hat, sitting in front of a fire).  I put the cd in a plastic case with the covering and handed them out to my friends from work (that would appreciate it).

Then 2 years later, I repeated the process.  Again, Michelle created the album art for me and I handed out CDs to people.
Everyone seemed to love it and kept requesting more....

Well, in 2005 me and the before mentioned Michelle got married and I just didn't have time to do any more cds after that...

But now that I have my own podcast, I figured I'd bring the tradition back and release the songs via my podcast.

Please keep in mind that I do not own any copyrights on any of the songs nor do I make any money on this podcast.  I am just presenting these to my listeners so they can possibly hear some good and humorous songs.

When possible I mentioned the name of the artists (for the few I knew).

Anyways... hope you enjoy the songs.  Drop me a line and let me know.

Until next month, Merry Christmas!

As always, all copyrights and trademarks are their respective owners.  No infringement implied or intended.

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Be sure to join me next time for another fantastic episode of The Head Speaks HeadCast!

See ya next time.

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