Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Episode 3 - The Return of the Electric Boogaloo

Sorry for the delay, but here is Episode 3 of Head Speaks:

The Return of the Electric Boogaloo.

This episode on Bitches, Moans, and Gripes, I talk about Political Correctness.
I complain about Illegal Aliens, our schools and the idiotic "No Child Left Behind" nonsense, merging of the sexes, Gays and other stereotypes, and finally Sports Teams Mascots...

I also reference the brilliant Australian (hmm, when have those two words EVER been used in the same sentence?) Kevin "Bloody" Wilson.  Check out my Headcast to see my references...

On Head's Longbox, I talk about the joy that is G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero comic series from Marvel comics and now from IDW.  At Marvel, it ran for 155 issues.  IDW restarted the title a couple of years ago at issue 156 and is over issue 200. The great Larry Hama is the writer for most of the run (both at Marvel and IDW). YEAH for G.I. Joe!

You Joe!

Head's Bookshelf I talk about 11-22-63 by the wonderful Stephen King.  This tells the story of a man named Jake Epping going back to the past, trying to stop the assassination of John F. Kennedy....  Can he save the President??? Read the book and find out (or listen to my HeadCast).

Geekin' With Head:  I talk about the following:
Marvel comics news: Thor is being changed in to a woman, Falcon is taking over for Cap.
Marvel movie and tv news: Joaquin Phoenix rumored to be up for the Dr. Strange movie.

Per Sony: Sinister 6 – Nov 11, 2016 & Amazing Spidey 3 – 2018
Star Wars Ep 7 delayed due to Harrison Ford injury.
DC News: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice news
Gotham tv series rumor: A hint of the Joker in every Season 1 episode 
Arrow: Ted Grant showing up
Flash: Leonard Snart and Plastique showing up.  Also Dr. Martin Stein showing up. Listen to the Headcast for further information.

Where is Head Going?

G.I. Joe is trademarked and owned by Hasbro, Marvel and IDW.
All other copyrights and trademarks their respective owners.  No infringement implied or intended.

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